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" Don't Kill, Just Call "

Usefulness of Snakes

80 to 90 percent of the Snakes live on rats. One rat collects 12 Kilograms of grains in its burrow during a year on which twenty five people can feed for a day. Thus Snakes are natural rat controllers. Many life saving medicines are made from the poison of the Snake. Anti snake Venin is also made of the poison collected from the Snakes itself. Anti Snake Venin can not be produced Chemically.

Rescuing Snakes

I would like to make it very clear that catching snakes is not a profession. It is not catching snakes but rescuing snakes. We involve ourselves in animal welfare activities and so should understand that it is very important we rescue every animal. They all have a right to live a respectable life on the earth. Catching or rescuing of snake will make a difference to person and authorities. 

Rescue Work

Because they supposedly pose probable danger to human lives snakes are killed. There is a wrong notion that snakes are harmful to human lives. Ninety percent of snakes are killed due to fear and ignorance. As human population increases, availablity of space for snakes is decreasing. Their natural habitat is disturbed by humans and they try to hide wherever they get some space. Due to natural change of season, especially during rainy season water accumulates in their habitat. During summer, when there is unbearable heat, few snakes go for hibernation as per their body requirement as cold blooded animals. They accidentally encounter human being when hunting for food or during mating season. All over India even when snakes are considered as God, most of the time people tend to kill them due to myths spread  especially by people and the snake charmers.

Legalities involved 

Most of the snakes fall under the "Schedule I and Schedule II of part II of wildlife Protection Act 1972" and it is a grave offence if anyone is found possessing one. It is advised to all to keep a record of rescued wild animals in a book in the following ways. No., Date, Time of call, Call taken by, Full Address, Ph. No. Call Attended by, call attended time, Donations, Remarks (Type of snake, where found from etc.,) Another call or report should be carried by the person who attended the call in the same Performa and should include the size if done for research and be strictly filled up with a signature by the person who has called. Snakes should not be caught from the wild. This is illegal and against law and ethics. People found doing so should be brought to the notice of Wildlife Authorities of concerned area.