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" Don't Kill, Just Call "


There are about more than 300 species of snakes in INDIA out of which only 20 % are poisonous and 80 % are non-poisonous.

                                           Poison Michenism :



Poisonous Snakes

1. Cobra called Nag

2. Crait called Kalotro

3. Russels Viper called Chitado or Khad Chitado

4. Saw Scaled Viper called Paidku or Phurso.



Our country produces anti venom serum from four poisonous snakes and hence if we are bitten by any of them, we can survive only if proper treatment is taken. Apart from these the King Cobra which is found only in South of India and the Sea Snakes or Salt Water Snakes which are found in mid seas are also poisonous snakes. Anti venom of King Cobra and Sea snakes are no produced in India and hence if we are bitten by either of the two, then the death is inevitable.

  • Non-poisonous Snakes

 The rest of non-poisonous snakes consist of following, which are very commonly found in urban and rural areas.

 1. Rat Snake called Dhaman

2. Checkered Keelback fresh water snakes called Dendu are totally harmless

3. Wolf Snake lives on wall lizards

4. Trinket called Roop Sundari

5. Green Keelback

6. Striped Keelback called Sita Ni Odhan

7. Bronzeback tree Snake

8. Red Sand Boa desert Snake called Andhali Chaklan

9. Common Sand Boa called Kankarakot or Bhamphodi

10. Banded Racer

11. Cat Snake

12. Moitor Lizard etc. are all harmless .

Some facts about Snakes

All the Snakes have nostrils but these are useful only for respiration. Smelling is done by their forked tongues which comes out around 20 times in a second during which molecules of scent in the air stick to the sticky tongue and when it is taken inside of its mouth the tongue dispatches the smell molecules to an organ called Jacobsonís organ which analyses the scent and the snake behaves accordingly. They can also feel the minor vibrations from the ground and keeps away from humans. Vision of the Snakes is not binocular like us. It is Monocular and so they see only black and white shadow and can not judge the depth and hence can not strike accurately. Snakes moult their skin which is sign of their healthiness. Their skins are made of calcareous material and after each 3 to 4 months growth of its body as the skin doesnít grow, it has to be shed. Poisonous Snakes kill their prey poison and eat it while non poisonous Snakes constrict their prey and when it dies they swallow it. Only flexible muscles join the jaws of the snakes so that they can eat a prey 3 to 4 times bigger than itself. All the Snakes strike on movement. Snakes kill only when they are hungry. Snakes eat every 15 day in a month and if it had had a large prey it may not eat even for a months as then thy donít have to utilize their energy. Snakes do not drink milk as they are not mammals and when juvenile they feed on small insects and frogs are independent right from their birth. Poison is their digestive enzyme and if milked, it will regenerate after some time and if the poison gland is removed permanently they will starve to death as then they canít kill or digest properly. The Snake Charmers do exactly this. Snake is the only animal that is cruelly and un-hesitantly killed animal due only to fear and ignorance. People generally try to beat it to death but this kind of injuries donít kill snake as its brain and heart keeps it alive and it canít move and dies a slow and agonizing death.

The poison of COBRA and KRAIT is Neurotoxic which affects the human brain the bitten person dies of paralyses.

The poison of RUSSELS VIPER and SAW SCALED VIPER is Haemotoxic and the bitten person dies of internal as well external haemorrhages.