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" Don't Kill, Just Call "

Snake Rescue Training : A Project  with the Rajasthan Forest Department


The Snake Lovers' Club was approached by the Shri O.P. Chandel, Deputy Conservator of the Forests of the Dungarpur Division of the Forest and Environment Department of the Rajasthan State for Training about 20 personnels from their Division. Shri Chandel along with a Trainee IFS Officer Shri Anoop K. thought about getting their staff trained for the dangerous task of Snake rescue. The DCF stated that they were having big numbers of Snake Rescue Calls which made them think in a very innovative and novel direction. They, through, Dr. Bharat Jethwa, got in touch with the Snake Lovers' Club for materializing this Project.

  • Shri   Tejsingh Chundawat, Bit Guard, Range-Aantari, Dungarpur Division, Rajasthan

  • Shri   Dungarlal Rot, Bit Guard, Range-Aantari, Dungarpur Division, Rajasthan

  • Shri   Dhanraj Rot, Cattle Guard, Range-Simalwada, Dungarpur Division, Rajasthan

  • Shri   Kantilal Masar, Valunteer, Range-Simalwada, Dungarpur Division, Rajasthan

In fact, we had devised a Training Program which included in-depth Information about Reptiles and Snakes in General. But, looking to the facts that participants were from lower category and less educated, we had to make last minute changes in our strategy. We cancelled all the Lectures and arranged to have face to face talks about Reptiles and Snakes in a tone of language that can be understood by the participants. Still we were able to convey and make them understand the most vital and necessary Scientific Facts about Snakes. We had covered the Points as under :

 Basic knowledge on snakes: (1) Behavior of various snakes (2) Their habitats (3) Their sesonality

 Identification :(1) Types of snakes, Harmful-Harmless (2) Snake identification theory (3) Snake identification practical in field.

Rescue of snakes : (1) Use of equipments in snakes (2) Self Care (3) Rescue of snakes from public places.

Rehablitation of Snakes : (1) Reintroduction or rehabilitation of snakes in wild (2) How to relase and where to release snakes

Snake bite and handling snakebite victims : (1) Snake bite and post bite care

I found out that all the Trainees were very keen to learn the Facts about Snakes. They were very enthusiastic and very eager to learn as much we were able to convey. It was a great experience for both the Parties i.e. the trainees and us too ! We went unconventional and practical and conveyed the knowledge abot Snakes starting from the birth of the Snakes on this planet, history of their evolution, species, kinds of Venoms, food habits, seasonality, reproduction system and cycle, behaviour of four harmful, psychological treatment of Snake Bite Victim, First Aid on Snake Bite, handling people while on Call, Techniques of Snake Handling and Bagging, use of Snake Rescue Equipments etc. Moreover, we were lucky enough to take the trainees on practical snake calls too. The Trainees were introduced to Snakes with Non-Venomous snakes like Rat Snake. Still they were afraid of it, but after seeing my 5 years old daughter who is 4 feet in height, handling the 6 feet Rat Snake, they willingly, first time in their life, held a live snake in their hands. Thus we got a big breakthrough into their fear factor. This led to a very good self participatory Training schedule. On the second and the third day they were less afraind of the poisonous ones and handled and handled all the four poisonous Snakes and learned how to handle and bag them with safety for both the parties that is rescuer and the rescuee.


I, on behalf of the Club, thank Mr. Nilesh Patel, Kaushal Sadhu, Pankaj Bhuria, Kishor Vora, Bhargav Goswami, Miss Bhumi Pandya, Miss Namrata Itlian Mr. Hitendra Trivedi, Mr. Arif Theba, Gaurang Pandya and all the Members of the Snake Lovers Club for their valuable contribution and assistance in making this programme successful. Last but not the least, I would specially thanks Mr. O.P. Chandel, DCF, Dungarpur, Dr. Bharat Jethwa, Wetlands International, Shri Anoop K., the Trainee IFS without whose support and encouragements this program might not have materialized at all.



Shri Tejsingh Chundawat, With a Cobra


Shri Dungarlal Rot, With a Russels Viper

Shri Kantilal Masar, With a Cobra


Shri Dhanraj Rot, With a Krait



Trainees Getting acquainted with Harmless Snakes.