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" Don't Kill, Just Call "






Common Indian Cobra (Venomous)


Common Krait  (Venomous)


Russels Viper (Venomous)


Sawscaled Viper  (Venomous)


Bamboo Pit Viper (Venomous)


Rat Snake  (Harmless)


Common Wolf (Harmless)


Barred Wolf (Harmless)


Yellow Spotted Wolf Snake (Harmless)


Bronzeback Tree Snake (Harmless)


Cat Snake (Harmless)


Checkered Keelback (Harmless)


Buffstriped Keelback (Harmless)


Green Keelback (Harmless)


Streaked Kukri (Harmless)


Common Kukri (Harmless)


Trinket Snake (Harmless)


Common Vine Snake (Harmless)


Fascilolatus Rat Snake (Harmless)


Grays Rat Snake (Harmless)


Red Sand Boa (Harmless)


Russels Earth Boa (Harmless)


Royal Snake (Harmless)


Foreston's Cat Snake (Harmless)


Indian Python (Harmless)




Some Odd Snakes (Harmless)


Black Headed Snake (Harmless)


Shield Tialed (Harmless)


Coral Snake (Harmful)


Ribbon Snake (Harmless)

Comparison of Sawscaled (LEFT) & Cat (RIGHT)