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" Don't Kill, Just Call "

Snake Lovers' Club

We are a 100 % no profit Organization, working voluntarily just out of our love, compassion and understanding for the importance of the Reptiles and specially Snakes in the Eco-Cycle. It is very clear to each of us that The Mother Nature has not created any single thing without purpose and use. We are a group of 15 rescuing Snakes 100% voluntarily. We all are from different walks of the Life. Some are Government Employees, Builders, Students, Freelancers, self employed etc.  What is common between us all is our Love, dedication and goodwill towards the Snakes.


Myself :

 I am Dharmendra Trivedi, 39 years old. I am a Translator in  Gujarat Legislative Assembly, Gujarat (INDIA). I have been  a snake enthusiast since the age of 16. I started rescuing  snakes from peoples' houses since 1988. I was twice bitten  by Cobras during rescue but fortunately I survived. On 10th of March, 08  I was bitten by an injured Cobra and I had to undergo two major surgeries on my right hand to maintain the working capability of my Arm.



Our Objectives

It is my perception that people like Salim Ali have done enough methodical work for the Birds . . . so why shouldn't I do some thing solid exclusively for the Snakes ? In my Childhood days, I witnessed a beautiful Rat Snake, deadly injured by villagers and unable to move, lie in a field helplessly being tortured and eaten alive by ants for two consecutive days. The impression of the pain and the helplessness of the Snake helped me make up my mind to save snakes and spread awareness about them to save them from their unthoughtful massacre. Therefore, I started rescuing Snakes where ever the journey of my education took me and lastly when I was selected for the Job in the Government of Gujarat in Gandhinagar in 1991. I started "Snake Lovers' Club" in Gandhinagar to spread my work and generate a second line of rescuers and to help the Snakes and then the People in distress. Moreover, after the Snake Shows are banned, we have devised a new method of spreading awareness about Snakes. Whenever any of our Membeer is on Rescue Call,  we try to give as much as knowledge about Snake as possible to the People present onsite. We have realized that people are very keen to listen and know at the time of real life rescue has taken place. We take benefit of the curiosity of the people. This trick has worked surprisingly.

Snake Lovers’ Club is officially in existance since December 2003. It is registered with the Charity Commissioner, Ahmedabad. The club’s registration Numbers are “Guj/1069/Gandhinagr” and “F/1025/Gandhinagar”.

Training for Snake Rescue :
In September 2003, I was held up in Delhi for about 15 Days for my Official duties. During that time, I got at least 70 Calls and I had to say “No Sir/Madam, I am out and can’t come” for the first time in my Life. I made up mind just there and then in Delhi that in the next season of the Snakes citing, I will have at least have one trained person in Gandhinagar who will be able to carry out Snake Calls. I sent out Press notes to all the Local Editions inviting young people to come and join the Club and Save the Snake Mission. Many young boys and girls came forward and declared their will to join the cause. I selectedsome from them and started educating them about all the important factors regarding Snakes i.e. History of Reptiles and Snakes, Species of Snakes, Tricks of Identifying Snakes and especially venomous ones, their habitats, Habits, Toxicity and effects of their Venom on Human body, Techniques of Snake Handling, First Aid Snake Bite, Do’s and Don’ts in bite cases, Psychological treatment of People while attending a call etc. I, now have a Ten Member League at my hand who are highly dedicated to the Cause and are ready to carry out Rescue even in the middle of the night. One more special thing is that I have trained two Girls in Handling and rescuing Snakes.

Me & My Team :

1. Dharmendra Trivedi , Myself !

2. Jignesh Joshi, Advocate

3. Kalpesh Dangar, Student

4. Namrata Italian, Freelancer

5. Bhumi Pandya, Self Employeed

6. Ketan Mandaliya, Govt. Officer

7. Nilesh Patel, Building Construction

8. Vagmin Pandya, Self Employeed

9. Kaushal Sadhu, Student

12. Pankaj Bhuria, Student

13. Pinkesh Naik, Self Employed

14.Animesh Dabhi, Student

Rescuers who Joined the Club : -

1. Gaurang Pandya, Self Employed

2. Aarif Theba, Student


Moments of Glory :

Recently, all my Trainees and other Honorary Snake Rescuers were Honoured with a Certificate of Merits by His Highness the Governor of the Gujarat State on the Eve of 4th October 2007.